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Severodvinsk is the second largest city by population in the Arkhangelsk region in Russia. Located on the shore of the White sea, near the Nikolsky mouth of the Northern Dvina. Is 35 km from Arkhangelsk. Center for nuclear shipbuilding Russia. The largest center of the defense industry and military shipbuilding. The administrative territory of the city more than the area of Moscow within the ring road, because its boundaries included a large forest. The population of 193,5 thousand people, 95,21% Russian, of 2.05% of Ukrainians.

Telephone codes: 7 818 45, 7 818 422, 7 818 427. Postcode: 164500. Car code: 29.

the First mention refers to the 1419 year, when the territory of modern city was burned Nikolo-Karelsky monastery rebuilt in 1471 year. In 1553 became a trading port St. Nicholas. The founding date is 1936 year, when there was founded the village of Sudostroy. In 1938 year he received the city status and the name Molotovsk, in honour of party leader Molotov. In 1957 was Severodvinsk. The name given to the river Northern Dvina, on which stands the city.

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Business news

Shamaninskie put on trial
 10/20/2017 21:10, " " tells: "The gang laid under tribute Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk businessmen. Bandits acted in the spirit of their predecessors from the 90s threatening and ..."
Were US spy satellites from the 70's better resolution than Google Earth?
 09/06/2016 19:00, " Google Earth Blog (blog) " tells: "Another of the photos they show is of a submarine at the Russian naval yard at Severodvinsk which we discussed in this post. At the time we noted that ..."

Politics and society

Russian submarines dominate
 12/28/2017 18:25, " Washington Post " tells: "Regarding the Dec. 23 front-page article “NATO on edge as Russian subs near undersea cables”: The threat is in the future: The yard at Severodvinsk, Russia, can produce more submarines per year than can both U.S. submarine builders combined (nonnuclear submarines also are being built at St."
New submarines, high precision missiles top priority in Putin's new 10-years armaments program
 12/21/2017 10:25, " The Independent Barents Observer " tells: "Important for the Northern Fleet, sailing out of the Kola Peninsula, is the final funding for the four Borei-class ballistic missile submarines and six Yasen-class multi-purpose submarines currently under construction at the Sevmash yard in Severodvinsk. Additionally, the next ten years armament program ..."

Severodvinsk today

10000 people without heating at Arctic submarine base
 03/25/2018 16:15, " The Independent Barents Observer " tells: "Zaozersk is the hometown for the officers serving “Severodvinsk”, Russia's most advanced multi-purpose submarine. Additionally, other submarines of the Oscar-II class are regularly based in Bolshaya Lopatka, one of the naval bases in Zapadnaya Litsa. Together with the officers are their families."
Russia's Arctic: The only place in Europe where one can find diamonds
 03/13/2018 00:15, " TASS " tells: "Until the 1930s, nobody could imagine diamonds may be found in Europe. Geologists began to eye an option when construction of defense facilities began in Severodvinsk, though the exploration could begin only in the late 1960s. The kimberlite pipe, which could contain the hardest stones, was found ..."
Near to Severodvinsk: Arkhangelsk (Russia) 33 km, Kholmogory (Russia) 94 km, Kondopoga (Russia) 383 km, Petrozavodsk (Russia) 415 km
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