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News in Severodvinsk today

10/09/2018 03:41US Navy Commander Warns of Russian Submarine Threat    ( The New American )
They've produced the Severodvinsk-class submarine. They've produced the new Kilo hybrid-class submarines.” Earlier in the day, while addressing ...
10/09/2018 02:51Top US admiral warns of Russian submarine threat    ( - WISC-TV3 )
They've produced the Severodvinsk-class submarine. They've produced the new Kilo hybrid-class submarines," Foggo told reporters at the Pentagon.
08/14/2018 00:50Locals from Arkhangelsk villages rally against Moscow trash    ( The Independent Barents Observer )
They burn garbage regularly at the largest dump in the region, which is located just outside the city of Severodvinsk. And the townspeople there are ...
07/23/2018 21:30Moscow confirms test trails of nuclear-powered doomsday torpedo    ( The Independent Barents Observer )
It is also unclear if the torpedo has been tested with the reactor running in either the White Sea or Barents Sea, the waters nearest to Severodvinsk ...
06/13/2018 02:25INS Sindhukesari Rolled Out After a Second Refit at Severodvinsk, Russia    ( Bharat Shakti )
INS Sindhukesari is the first Kilo-class submarine of the Indian Navy which is undergoing the second refit and modernisation with the life extension.
06/12/2018 09:50INS Sindhukesari rolled out after a second refit at Severodvinsk, Russia    ( Economic Times )
The second submarine, INS Sindhuraj, came to Severodvinsk on September 14, 2017. The negotiations on the second refit of two more Kilo-class ...
06/03/2018 17:40Indian Navy Submarine Under Upgrade in Russia to be Floated Soon    ( EurAsian Times )
Earlier, the Severodvinsk-based centre with expertise in servicing and decommissioning of nuclear submarines refurbished five diesel-electric Indian ...
06/02/2018 09:45Russia is Working on a New Sub with Hypersonic Missiles    (RT)
Arctic stronghold: Might of Russia's Northern Fleet shown in anniversary video - RT
06/01/2018 17:45India's conventional submarine under upgrade in Russia to be floated out in coming days    ( TASS )
Before that, the Severodvinsk-based facility specializing in the repair and decommissioning of nuclear submarines has modernized five diesel-electric ...
06/01/2018 01:54Russia to build 5th-generation nuclear sub with hypersonic missiles by 2027, source says    ( TASS )
... finalized in compliance with the requirements of the Russian Navy. The Severnoye Machine-Building Enterprise (Severodvinsk) is expected to build ...
05/26/2018 01:50Political drama in Russian Arctic Navy base    ( The Independent Barents Observer )
It is the hometown for the officers serving “Severodvinsk”, Russia's most advanced multi-purpose submarine. Additionally, other submarines of the ...
05/24/2018 01:50Russia launches four ballistic missiles from under the sea in what it claims is the most powerful ...    (
Russia launches four bombs from beneath White Sea in 'most powerful submarine missile test ... -
05/23/2018 10:30Russia test-launched volley of ballistic nuclear missiles    ( The Independent Barents Observer )
... with the Northern Fleet and two based with the Pacific Fleet. Another five of the class are under construction at the Sevmash yard in Severodvinsk.
05/23/2018 10:30Russia Drops Plans For Upgraded Borei-Class Ballistic Missile Sub    (The Independent Barents Observer)
TASS: Russia drops plan to redesign Borei sub, will build six more of existing - The Independent Barents Observer
05/22/2018 02:31Floating plant arrives at Murmansk for fueling    ( World Nuclear News )
The keel of Akademik Lomonosov was laid in April 2007 at Sevmash in Severodvinsk, but in August 2008 Rosatom cancelled the contract - apparently ...
05/06/2018 18:30Navy to resurrect fleet to protect the East Coast and North Atlantic from Russia    ( Laredo Morning Times )
One concern 2nd Fleet will immediately address: the threat from a now-modest number of Russian nuclear attack submarines capable of cruising in the depths off the East Coast, McGrath told The Washington Post. Submarines like the nuclear-powered K-329 Severodvinsk are equipped with hypersonic ...
05/01/2018 09:20Icebreaker “Ilya Muromets” for the First Time Conducted An Atomic Submarine Through the Ice of ...    ( Maritime Herald )
The icebreaker Ilya Muromets was the first to pave the way in the ice. Icebreaker Ilya An Atomic Submarine Through the Ice of the White Sea. Today, a detachment of vessels has arrived in Severodvinsk, “the headquarters of the Federation Council informs. Source: Maritime News of Russia. author-avatar ...
03/25/2018 16:1510000 people without heating at Arctic submarine base    ( The Independent Barents Observer )
Zaozersk is the hometown for the officers serving “Severodvinsk”, Russia's most advanced multi-purpose submarine. Additionally, other submarines of the Oscar-II class are regularly based in Bolshaya Lopatka, one of the naval bases in Zapadnaya Litsa. Together with the officers are their families.
03/13/2018 00:15Russia's Arctic: The only place in Europe where one can find diamonds    ( TASS )
Until the 1930s, nobody could imagine diamonds may be found in Europe. Geologists began to eye an option when construction of defense facilities began in Severodvinsk, though the exploration could begin only in the late 1960s. The kimberlite pipe, which could contain the hardest stones, was found ...
02/07/2018 11:15The Harrowing Tale Of The Nuke-Laden Russian Typhoon Class Sub That Almost Sunk In 1991    ( The Drive )
The Barents Observer reports that Igor Grishkov, the 67 year old retired Russian Navy captain, passed away in Severodvinsk, located along the frigid White Sea. Grishkov had lived there since retiring from the Russian Navy. 27 years earlier, then Captain Grishkov was in command of one of six of the ...


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