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11/08/2015 04:30SUBMARINES: Russia Refurbs To Survive    ( Strategy Page )
This boat, the Severodvinsk, set some of the wrong kind of records on its way to join the fleet. For one thing construction of the Severodvinsk began in ...
11/03/2015 20:21Advanced Russian Submarines US Navy Should Watch Out For    ( Sputnik International )
The Severodvinsk boasts many of the automation technologies the USSR developed during the 1970s and 1980s with the Project 705 Lira-class boats ...
10/30/2015 00:36The US Navy's Worst Nightmare: Super Advanced Russian Submarines    ( The National Interest Online (blog) )
The best example is Russia's Project 885 Yasen-class nuclear attack submarine K-329 Severodvinsk, which started construction in 1993 but only ...
09/05/2015 01:55World's Largest Sub Leaves Port for Arctic War Games    ( Russian Peacekeeper )
... submarine Dmitry Donskoy has left its base in the city of Severodvinsk, entering the White Sea, where it will take part in anti-submarine war games, ...
08/22/2015 01:10Russias Mysterious New Submarine    ( Daily Beast )
11 at the port of Severodvinsk in northern Russia, a huge and imposing black shape emerged from a dry-dock, observed by ranks of uniformed ...
07/28/2015 16:05A Navy Day tour of the Akula sub | Russia & India Report    ( Russia and India Report )
The Dmitry Donskoi left Severodvinsk, the principal base of the Russian Northern Fleet, at the end of June, and entered the White Sea on a mission; ...
06/17/2015 07:10Russia To Finish Building 'World's Stealthiest' Submarines By 2023   (International Business Times)
The first submarine of the Yasen class multipurpose nuclear submarines was the Severodvinsk. The Malakhit Design Bureau laid it down in 1993.
04/29/2015 22:06Sunken Soviet submarines threaten massive radioactive contamination   (BarentsObserver)
While Russia's naval yard in Severodvinsk is busy like never before in Post-Soviet times with construction of new submarines, two old submarines on ...
04/12/2015 00:46Fire-broken Russian submarine to be repaired   (The Current)
A unique commission has arrived in Severodvinsk to inspect the damages. Also The commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy, Viktor Chirkov, and the ...
04/11/2015 06:00Fire-damaged Russian submarine to be repaired   (Alaska Dispatch News)
A special commission has arrived in Severodvinsk to inspect the damages. Also The commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy, Viktor Chirkov, and the ...
04/09/2015 06:41Blaze-hit Russian nuclear submarine, the Orel, sunk   (Peninsula On-line)
Firefighters douse fire on Russian nuclear sub - Peninsula On-line
04/08/2015 22:25Fire-struck nuclear submarine to be repaired   (Press TV)
Latest from Iran - Press TV
03/06/2015 21:30Sevmash to build new multirole nuclear submarine   (Russia Beyond the Headlines)
The flagship of Project Yasen, the Severodvinsk nuclear submarine, built by Sevmash, was transferred to the Russian Navy on June 17, 2014.
02/08/2015 05:45Russia's fifth Yasen-class nuclear sub to be laid down on March 19   (News.Az)
The head Yasen-class (Project 885) submarine named Severodvinsk was commissioned with the Russian Navy in 2013. In 2009, 2013 and 2014 ...
02/06/2015 21:45Sevmash acknowledged as sole contractor to service nuclear submarines of Borei class   (PortNews IAA)
Over the recent three years Severodvinsk-based should delivered three Borei-class submarines to RF Navy: Yuri Dolgoruki (delivery certificate signed ...
01/25/2015 13:15Will Russia's Sub-Building Boom Matter?   (
The first unit, Severodvinsk, was commissioned at the end of 2013 after a 20-year construction period, during which the submarine underwent ...
01/16/2015 05:00Russia's new assassin sub has a fatal flaw   (The Week Magazine)
It's official. K-560 Severodvinsk, Moscow's newest and most advanced nuclear attack submarine, has joined the Russian navy. That's bad news for ...
12/26/2014 23:35Russia to lay down 3 Yasen-class, 2 Borei-class submarine in 2015   (PortNews IAA)
Sevmash holds keel-laying for Borei-class sub "Generalissimus Suvorov" (photo release) - PortNews IAA
12/24/2014 21:00Russian Navy commissions third Borei-class submarine   (Naval Technology)
The vessel is now set to depart from the naval base in Severodvinsk to join the 25th Submarine Division of the navy's Pacific Fleet in Russia's Far East, ...
12/20/2014 01:15Third Borey-Class Strategic Nuclear Submarine Joins Russian Navy   (Sputnik International)
The Vladimir Monomakh submarine will soon leave a naval base in Severodvinsk in northern Russia to join the 25th Submarine Division of the Pacific ...


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