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11/17/2017 10:45Russia's Borei-class advanced submarines    ( TASS )
... nuclear-powered submarine Prince Vladimir will be floated out at the Sevmash Shipyard in Severodvinsk in north Russia on November 17, 2017.
11/11/2017 10:30Zvyozdochka takes delivery of two new tugboats built by the shipyard's subsidiary (photo)    ( PortNews IAA )
Severodvinsk, Russia based Ship Repair Centre 'Zvezdochka' is a diversified shipbuilding enterprise. The shipyard has two covered slipways, ...
11/08/2017 17:45Russia fully restores its presence in the Arctic — top brass    ( TASS )
... obtained twenty three ships, including the strategic submarine The Yuri Dolgoruky and the multirole nuclear-powered submarine The Severodvinsk.
10/18/2017 05:05Rostelecom upgrades network in apartment houses in Archangel    ( Telecompaper )
Work was carried out in the cities and towns of Severodvinsk, Kotlas and Koryazhma, as well as in villages based in 12 municipalities across the ...
10/12/2017 01:25Russia Cuts Funds for Aircraft Carrier Modernization    ( The Diplomat )
No contract between the Russian government and the Zvezdochka shipyard, located in Severodvinsk in Northern Russia, has been concluded.
10/05/2017 09:25Rosatom announces new fueling dates for its floating nuclear plant    ( Bellona )
Originally, Rosatom intended to fuel the plant at the Baltic Shipyard, where it was moved from Severodvinsk to complete its construction in 2008.
09/13/2017 11:10India Sticks to Plan of Leasing Third Russian Nuclear Submarine    ( Sputnik International )
The refit will be carried out at the Russian shipyard in Severodvinsk and the refitted boat will be named 'INS Chakra-III.' The entire process will be ...
07/31/2017 02:45War Sharks: Top Five Most Formidable and Intriguing Sub Designs in the World    ( Sputnik International )
A shipyard in Severodvinsk has held the keel-laying ceremony for the Ulyanovsk, the seventh of the Yasen-class nuclear-powered attack subs built for ...
06/27/2017 22:05Russia's Successful Test of Bulava ICBM 'Sends A Message to West'    ( pppFocus )
The Knyaz Vladimir, the lead boat of the improved Borei II-class, was laid down in July 2012 at the Sevmash Shipyards in Severodvinsk, a port city on ...
05/08/2017 23:55VIDEO: Russian drunk man kills security guard after one-punch knockout    ( Daily Star )
Severodvinsk is home to the main shipyard for the Russian Navy so access is restricted for foreigners. Visitors need a special pass to enter the city.
05/04/2017 00:15Russian Scientists Building Civilian Nuclear Sub Able to 'See' Under Ocean Floor    ( Sputnik International )
The Severodvinsk, the first of Russia's multirole Yasen K-560 submarines, by the pier of the Sevmash shipyard in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Region.
05/03/2017 00:05Russian navy shows first cat accompanying military voyage to Syria    ( Russia Beyond the Headlines )
As a reward for good service, Botsman is allowed to take a walk in the Zvezdochka shipyard at Severodvinsk, in the Arkhangelsk region, where there ...
04/04/2017 04:45Russia Launches New Nuclear-Powered Carrier Killer Sub    (Russia Beyond the Headlines)
The Russian Navy unleashes its most powerful and expensive attack sub - Russia Beyond the Headlines
04/03/2017 05:15Russia's Most Dangerous Nuclear Attack Submarine Ever Is Ready for War    ( The National Interest Online (blog) )
Russia has launched its first upgraded Project 885M Yasen-class attack submarine at Sevmash Shipyards in Severodvinsk. Called Kazan, she will be ...
03/08/2017 10:5530 years old sub with 64 nuclear warheads ready for re-launch    ( The Independent Barents Observer )
First launched in 1987, the 30 years old submarine has been in for modernization at the Zvezdochka shipyard in Severodvinsk since December 2014.
01/29/2017 12:00New Russian submarine is quiet, but not quite the Red October    ( AmeriForce Publishing, Inc. )
Russia has five Yasen-class subs under construction at the Sevmash Shipyard, in Severodvinsk, Russia. The only one in service at the moment is the ...
01/25/2017 12:00Russia Makes Progress on Fielding New Fleet of Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarines    ( The Diplomat )
There are currently five Yasen M-class submarines under construction at the Sevmash Shipyard, located in Severodvinsk in Northern Russia.
12/28/2016 01:25Russia to Launch 2 Nuclear Subs in 2017    ( The Diplomat )
The Project 955A Borei II-class Knyaz Vladimir was laid down on July 30, 2012 at the Sevmash shipyards in Severodvinsk, a port city on Russia's ...
12/25/2016 17:10Russia to float out 2 nuclear submarines in 2017    ( Ahram Online )
The Severodvinsk Shipyard in north Russia has laid down the eighth Borey-class submarine Prince Pozharsky on Friday. Three submarines of this ...
12/22/2016 09:25Russia to Lay Down Last Borey-Class SSBN    ( (press release) )
... ceremony of the eighth Borey-A class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) will take place at the Sevmash shipyard in Severodvinsk, ...


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